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Staying safe online
In addition to making sure that you use the Internet wisely, to stay safe online, another important thing you can do is make sure that you carry out regular computer maintenance. You would never go out on the road in a car that was not regularly maintained and, hitting the Information Superhighway, where your computer is your vehicle, is no different.

Basic online safety tips to protect you and your computer
  • Configure and use e-mail filters to block spam.
  • Install and use a firewall, pop-up blocker and spyware detector.
  • Ensure that your virus definitions are up to date and run anti-virus and spyware detectors/cleaners regularly.
  • Learn how to configure your computer to keep all of these solutions working efficiently.

Keeping yourself, your family and your computer protected is essential if you want to enjoy a safe Internet experience. If you are worried about viruses, spyware or any other Internet danger and want to find out more about keeping yourself safe online and/or maintaining your computer, follow the links on this page.

  • Chat safety
    Cell phones, chat rooms, instant messaging, IRC, newsgroups, bulleting boards, forums, online gaming
  • E-mail safety
    Phishing, scams and fraud, spam, spoofing, viruses
  • Personal information safety
    Hacking, identity theft, online shopping and auctions, spyware, Web site safety

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