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The Electronic Government Project
In the mid-nineties, the Government of Seychelles began to envision an electronic government where all the facets of government Information Technologies such as email, collaboration and application between agencies.

The government then embarked on the e-Government Project (E.G.P) aiming to implement automated Information System and transforming the way government operates. The Technology department has the mandate to design and implement the e-Government strategies.

The current focus of the government is improving the efficiency of the services it delivers to its citizens and for government to be ‘smarter’.

Key dimensions of the project:
  • Expansion of the Electronic Government Network (E.G.N)
  • Computerization of all core government services
  • Online government services
We value dialogue with our stakeholders and our citizens. Let us know what you think about the project click here.
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Government's IT Strategies

Source: Government Manifesto
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